Welcome everyone, to the CBNet Event Registration page.  Here are some quick instructions,

​First, click on the Select box by Event.  You will see any events that we are featuring, so click on your event.  If you just want to be connected but don’t plan to attend an event, clidk NONE.

Go on down through the form, enter your name or nickname that you wish to use.

If you are involved in ministry, ie. church, prayer, worship, giving, service, etc. enter your Role/Title and Ministry.

List your phone number, and click YES if you can and wish to receive texts on your phone.

​List email and City or Village.

County, Tribal Nation and State are drop downs, so just click on each one and select your County, Tribe, State from the list.  These are primarily for New Mexico, so if you are from another area, just select Other.

You can write in Country… US or other abbreviation is great.

AND be sure to click the SUBMIT Button at the bottom, and you are registered and connected.  Thanks and blessings…