Prayer For The Peace of Europe


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,Here I am again with a plea for your participation in two paramount concerns. Please remember to be in prayer for the resolution of the civil war in Myanmar and the special prayer initiative happening there tomorrow and Saturday as local spiritual leaders and intercessors gather together for a history-transforming time of identificational repentance and reconciliation and to unitedly cry out to the Healer of the Nations to restore their much suffering land to legitimate government, peace, and stability. He can and will do this as His people get in sync with Him in this vitally significant manner!

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The other deeply concerning conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate with no end in sight with much more serious, international ramifications. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened the use of nukes as NATO and the USA have provided more and more advanced weapons, getting more deeply involved in directly supporting Ukraine. Please pray for a peace breakthrough and the ending of this pointless, destructive conflict that has resulted in the tragic deaths of tens of thousands of men, women, and children as well as the agonizing displacement of many millions both inside and outside of Ukraine.

As mentioned earlier, some ministry leader friends from Europe with the support of our foundation and other colleagues are planning a Europe Prayer Summit, Jan. 27-29, to gather prayer and other ministry leaders as well as intercessors from throughout Europe and beyond. For almost 30 years, colleagues and I have facilitated such prayer initiatives in many war zones throughout the world. So many times the Lord has intervened, bringing about stunning, totally unexpected peace agreements as the political leaders on both sides of a conflict agree to end the hostilities, often suddenly during or after these 2 Chronicles 7:14 initiatives, “If my people …”. Governing authorities are moved to implement what the intercessors have just transacted with the Governor of the Universe, the Lord Almighty. This principle can be demonstrated over and over again both in Scripture and human history. It is time to apply His solution to the world-threatening war in Ukraine. Military experts say that it has no end in sight and could plunge us all into World War III as well as possible global nuclear devastation.Thanks for your strong prayers for Myanmar and if you have a heart to pray for God’s peace in Ukraine as well as the much-needed restoration and revival of the European region, please read the attached invitation and register to join us in Bucharest, Romania, for this crucial gathering of intercessors. We need you and warmly welcome you to be with us to fight this battle as He leads. Please also share this invitation with other praying people in your networks of friends.


Yours in Christ,

John(on behalf of our organizing team) 

 John Robb

Chairman, Transformation Prayer Foundation


ThissummitisopentoallPrayerLeadersofourContinent,especiallyouryoungerPrayerLeaders.Forthosewhomaynotbeabletoattend,wewillgladlyreceiveyournominationforanotherpersontocomeinyourplace.PleasearrangetoarriveinBucharestonThursday,January26,2023,bymorningorearlyafternoon.PlantoleaveafterlunchonSunday,January29,2023.Pleasemakeyourarrangementsfortravelassoonaspossible.Ifyoutravelbyair,ashuttleisavailablefromOtopeniInternationalAirporttotheCrownPlazaHotelin Bucharest. UBER is also available.Each participant must register for theEuropean PrayerSummitthroughEventbrite. Do that first!Ifyouwanttostayatthehosthotel(theBucharestCrownePlazaHotel),wehaveablockofroomsavailableforourgroup,ataflatrate.Eachpersonmustmaketheirownreservationsusingthefollowinglink:CrownePlazaHotelspecialgrouprates(Ifyoudesiretosharearoomwithanotherparticipant,pleasemakeyourarrangements with them individually.)Wewouldgreatlyappreciateyourattendanceandendorsement,andlookforwardtoyouparticipatingwithusinJanuary.Ifyoucannotattendandyouarewillingtoendorsethisevent,pleasesendyourname,ministry,cell and email to: wtkog13@gmail.comWe look forwardto hearing from you.Yours warmly in Christ,Berthold and Barbara Becker, Ioan Peia, Venco Nakov, Sam Hofmann,Maureen Bravo, John and Lori RobbEuropean Prayer SummitCoordinating TeamWebsite:●Pleaselet us know ASAP if you intend to join us,before January 20, 2023.●All registrations will be made throughEventbrite- Password:EuropeanPrayerSummit2023!●ConferenceFee:50euros/$55perpersontocovertherentaloftheconferenceroomandtheequipment needed for the gathering (to be paid by cash or check on site)●Details: Pastor Ioan Peia +1 323-618-7131 and MaureenBravo +1-407-810-4665;

Each participant provides for their own transportation, accommodations and expenses.●TheEuropean Prayer Summitwill take place at theCrown Plaza Hotel in Bucharest:Hotel Crowne Plaza Bucharest RomaniaPoligrafiei1, Bucharest 013704 Romania, + 40-372-135000●Rooms are available at a discounted rate:CrownePlaza Hotel’s special group rates●Agrouprateof111euros/$115perroom/pernighthasbeenarranged(taxincluded)foreither1Kingor Queen bedor2 Dbls●Ifyouwanttosharearoomwithsomeone,itwillbe55.5euros/$57.5perperson/night(taxincluded.)Proposed schedule for our time in BucharestThursday, January 26thEPS Participants arrive in Bucharest and check in to the Crown Plaza Hotel’Friday, January 27th9 AM – 12 N – EPS Session 112 N – 2 PM – Lunch2 PM – 4 PM – EPS Session 24 PM – 6 PM – Dinner7 PM – 9 PM – EPS Session 3Saturday, January 28th9 AM – 12 N – EPS Session 412 N – 2 PM – Lunch2 PM – 4 PM – EPS Session 54 PM – 6 PM – Dinner7 PM – 9 PM – EPS Session 6Sunday, January 29th9 AM – 11 AM – EPS Session 711 AM – 12 N – Debrief and closing prayer12 Noon- Departure

Endorsements from the Nations for the European Prayer SummitPrayer for the Peace of Europe-Berthold and Barbara Becker – Pioneers of the National Prayer & Intercession Movement in Germany-Ioan Peia – 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call and Welcome the King of Glory into the USA-Venco Nakov – Pastor / Prayer Leader, Balkan Prayer Call, North Macedonia-Sam Hofmann – Prayer Leader and Pioneer, Youth with a Mission, Athens, Greece-John and Lori Robb – Chairman, Transformation Prayer Foundation, USA-Maureen Bravo – 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call and Welcome the King of Glory into the USA-Mat Staver – Founder / Chairman, LIBERTY COUNSEL, USA-Liz Adleta – Fellowship of Prayer Strategists, USA-Peter Dettman – President, MY EKKLESIA, 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, FL, USA-Sara Ballenger – Founder, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, DC, USA-Geoff Armitage – Simeon Ministries, Brisbane, AU-Daniel and Debra Boehm – 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, Plano, TX, USA-Audrey Clements – 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, CA, USA-Marlene Hoenig – Cinderella Released Ministry, USA-Nick Pease – Chairperson / Vorsitzender, Hebron Europe e.V., Germany-Sally Bohart – Healing Prayer Minister, 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, WY, USA-Kim Worthington – In Proclamation of Jesus, Hospital Bible Ministry, 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, NY, USA-Sam and Teddi Dial – 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, TN, USA-Jeffrey Daly – National Day of Repentance, CA, USA-Allan Parker – President, The Justice Foundation, TX, USA-Leslie Mason – Iowa 99 County Bible Reading Marathon, IA, USA-S.Tranter – European Prayer Leader, UK-Rick Ridings – Succat Hallel, Jerusalem, Israe: Prayer For The Peace of Europe
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