Prayer At The Heart



To ignite a great spiritual awakening out of a national movement of unified, humble, desperate prayer and action.


The PATH movement started in 2021 with:

  • 2 national virtual prayer meetings, each being viewed by >100,000 people;
  • A national prayer guide being downloaded by >250,000 in 24 hours; and
  • Thousands of Christians from all 50 states traveled to the heart of the nation (Lebanon, KS), praying for another great awakening. 12.5 million people viewed the event on TV or social media!

Vision and Strategy 2022-26

  • To support and serve existing national prayer initiatives, using our twice weekly podcast targeting 25 million people.
  • Millions of Christians from all churches, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and ministries working together in all 50 states to:
    • Hear from God for their communities through Rooftop encounters;
    • Publicly cry out to Almighty God for mercy and another great spiritual awakening;
    • Travel across each State praying for the people and sharing God’s love and hope in practical ways; and
    • Gather together at the geographic center of each State to celebrate God’s goodness and to praise and worship Jesus.
  • In 2023-26 to grow the movement to every county and city across America.
  • Fruit – We are asking God for:
    • 63 million people to make a first or recommitment to Jesus Christ (one person for every baby aborted in America over the last 50 years);
    • For a transformation of culture; and
    • For prayer/Jesus to be at the heart of every Christian, family, church, community and the country.

After following Jesus’ command to ‘Go!’ and to show people His love, the disciples returned to Him and He said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Luke 10:18. In Matthew 5:14, Jesus told His disciples, “You are the light of the world.” When light goes out into the world, darkness has to flee!

Links For Further Info

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