ANNOUNCING-Prayer At The Heart Coming To Every County And Tribe in New Mexico


Many of you were part of the amazing Prayer At The Heart of New Mexico Event last July in Corona, NM, where over 300 praying people came together to pray at the center for our wonderful State. God used that event to introduce and connect many friends and ignite prayer fires statewide. Now as the fires are spreading, it’s time to take the focus to our Counties and Cities.

You can be a part of this spiritual initiative by Signing Up on (or net), and connecting with the team for your County and/or Tribe. There is a SIGN UP button at the top of both websites, or click on this LINK. Check out the Pray At The Heart Movement by going to (and net) is working as the communication hub to help link up the prayer warriors locally and statewide, and teams are coming together daily. This will be the greatest united prayer effort in New Mexico history, and we believe God is releasing the vision and the authority to change the spiritual atmosphere over the entire State.

Mark Tross is our NM State Coordinator for PATH, and his years of experience as a Pastor, Teacher, Prayer Leader and Radio/TV personality are being utilized to the max as he and the team anticipate connecting all these Counties and Tribes and helping with over 50 events this year. There is contact info below to check in with Mark and others.


The Bernalillo County team has secured the International Balloon Fiesta Park for their event, which will be Aug. 26. Aaron and Camille (Bernalillo Co. Coordinators) have been busy getting the word out, and the project has grown as Rick and THE JESUS GATHERING have joined with us and expanded to a three day event at Balloon Fiesta Park So please pray… we believe that this is about changing the spiritual heart of NM. Staying within God’s will is the imperative here. We believe God interacts with us through prayer, so if you have some insight, please share with your group or other prayer leaders as we navigate through this season.


There are prayer meetings, both online and face to face already in operation. Contact info (below) and we’re updating as more folks connect. Check often. Also Telegram Groups for each Tribe/County are being set up as the teams form. Of course, personal contact is by far the best way to let folks know what is going on. And by the way, we’re NOT trying to sell anyone on the idea of PATH. Just present the vision and let God initiate! Also, we have many supporters from other States and Countries, so we welcome all into this effort.

There are several online meetings that you can join to get more familiar with the vision, meet like-minded friends, and PRAY. Meet at 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon or 6 p.m. Monday at 6 p.m. , and others are being added as the County teams are forming. Contact us for details (below.)


This is a huge undertaking requiring a lot of resources. So, if you are led to give via, we will place it according to need. If you wish to donate to a specific County or Tribe through Christianbody,net, be sure to designate clearly your desired destination and we will see that it gets into the right hands. Of course you can donate directly to the various groups as well.

Our address is:

P.O. Box 515

Capitan, NM 88316

Or click here to DONATE online.

Contact: Phone (505) 417-4332 or Phone (575) 937-3528 …we’ll post other Contact info as teams are forming.

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